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What is Acupressure Used to Treat?

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment (TCM) that has stood the test of time.  It can be used to treat many conditions - both physical and mental. It works much like acupuncture in how it helps to unblock Qi – the vital energy or life force inside every person.

When Qi is not blocked and allowed to freely flow through your body, your body is in harmony.  This is essential to good health.  According to TCM, since all your body systems work together and are connected to each other, when Qi is blocked one system suffers and the rest follow suit.

Unlike Western medicine which treats a particular body part, TCM and acupressure work to treat the body as a whole.  Some of the problems acupressure can help cure or alleviate include:

There are many more physical and mental problems that can be effectively treated with acupressure. For some injuries or minor illnesses, a few acupressure treatments may be all that is needed. For more chronic pain issues or disease, several consistent treatments will often provide the desired relief.  Because of the massage-like characteristics of acupressure, many people actively turn to it for stress management

Acupressure is a safe and natural way to promote healing within your body.  It can help you experience more inner peace and make you feel more relaxed.  It also helps to prevent further illness.  The World Health Organization even endorses acupressure as an effective alternative treatment.

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