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How Qigong Can Alleviate Stress

If you struggle with high levels of stress, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) may have a solution.  Qigong exercises and / or meditation are often prescribed by TCM practitioners to help alleviate stress.  The theory in TCM is that stress is a symptom of blocked Qi and often indicates the presence of a more serious problem.  Chronic or severe stress often leads to more serious physical and mental problems if left untreated.

Stress can cause a variety of mental and emotional problems, including impaired judgment, loneliness, irritability and feelings of overwhelm. Physically, stress can lead to more frequent colds, chest pain, lowered sex drive, headaches and many more ailments.

Qigong Exercise for Stress

Qigong exercises involve the use of controlled breathing techniques and motion, such as the dance like sequences of Tai Chi, that help you relax both physically and mentally.  They also help your body open up the pathways that allow Qi energy to flow freely. Qigong exercises help to increase circulation.  This allows optimum oxygen levels to be delivered to the organs and body systems.

The postures in Qigong help to strengthen your body. When all the systems are working more efficiently through Qigong exercise, toxins are eliminated from your body. The removal of toxins also helps to free the pathways so Qi can flow.  As this process occurs, your stress is alleviated.

Qigong Meditation for Stress

Meditation for stress has been recommended for over two thousand years.  The practice of meditation helps quiet the body and mind and brings about a sense of tranquility. The seated and supine positions utilized during Qigong meditation strengthen the body just as much as Qigong exercises. Meditation helps your body master the art of controlling Qi flow. This improves all aspects of your health. When your physical health is at its best and your mind is clear, there is no room or need for stress. When stress levels are significantly reduced through these two practices, the ailments and disorders due to stress are also alleviated.

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