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Jim Quinlan 's 2002
Appalachian Trail Journal: Prep Entry#9

This entry is a little out of the ordinary and I debated for some time whether to post it. I briefly considered moving my start date up a week to April 28th to coincide with a very significant event in my life. It was on this date in 1995 when I experienced what some would call a near death experience.

If you could rate Asthma from 1-10, I had it the worst and would categorize myself as a 10. My asthma didn’t start until I turned 30. After having at least a half dozen doctors tell me that I would have this condition the rest of my life, I resigned myself to trying to keep it under control. Numerous trips to the hospital emergency room where doctors tried to keep my airways from totally shutting down wore me out. I tried most of the things the doctors suggested but the condition never improved and the asthma was constantly out of control. During this period, I remember seeing a video documentary on public television about several people hiking the Appalachian Trail. I was a little sad thinking I would never be able to try anything like that again in my life.

Ten years later, I suffered an asthma attack that was almost fatal. To make a long story short, the attack was so severe that I barely made it home and collapsed on my front porch while my wife called 911. My breathing totally shut down (very terrible feeling) and by the time paramedics arrived, I was blue, not breathing at all, and my heart had stopped. I was in full cardiac & respiratory arrest when they arrived and they performed CPR and worked on me for 45 minutes on the front porch. I ended up in intensive care for several days but was very lucky. Several newspaper articles were written about this and we even received a call from the TV show “Rescue 911” while they considered doing an episode on this.

There’s a point to all this rambling. The medical profession claims there is no cure for Asthma and that once diagnosed with asthma, you will always have it. Several years ago, I tried an experimental cure on my own (with the help of a doctor). Guess what? It worked and I no longer have asthma.
I just wonder why this cure never made it into the mainstream … perhaps the research was buried because asthma is one of the biggest revenue sources for the medical/pharmaceutical industry. I don’t want to speculate further on this subject.

Research I discovered by Dr. David L. Hahn of Madison, Wisconsin had the solution for me. The study involves the bacteria Chlamydia Pneumonia. Not all asthmatics are affected by this bacteria but a very high percentage of adult onset asthma sufferers (64% in studies) are and a very high percentage of them were successfully cured in the studies. Specific tests can detect markers in your blood to determine if your body was exposed to the Chlamydia Pneumonia bacteria. After finding a lab to confirm that I was exposed, several treatments of powerful antibiotics were taken. It took about six months for whatever was in me to give it up. I was disappointed after taking the first treatment and finding no relief. Even after taking the second treatment, the results were not immediate. I can honestly say that I now am 100% asthma free.

I’m posting this because I feel some frustration when I consider all the people suffering needlessly from this life robbing disease. I have no real voice in this matter, but posting this may stimulate some thought and help someone else to explore the trail I took so they can get their life back …. maybe even allowing them to hike the Appalachian Trail.

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