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Sneezing...What Is Your Body Telling You?

Sneezing, also called sternutation, is your body's way of removing an irritation from your nose. About 1 out of every 3 people sneezes when exposed to bright light. Most anything that can irritate the inside of your nose can start a sneeze. Some common things include dust, cold air, or pepper.

The powerful sneeze is attributed to its involvement of numerous organs of the upper body. Sneezing is a reflexive response involving the face, throat, and chest muscles. Every sneeze is associated with the closing of your eyes.

Sneezing can also be associated with allergies and sinus problems. Knowing the difference should be determined through your physician. Sneezing not due to an allergy will disappear when the underlying disorder is cured or treated. Avoiding exposure to the offending allergen is the best way to control sneezing caused by allergies.

Antihistamines are the first line of therapy for sneezing caused by allergies. Nasal steroid sprays may be helpful in more chronic conditions. Allergy shots, also called immunotherapy may be considered for seasonal or year-round symptoms.

Methods to reduce sneezing generally include reducing interaction with irritants, such as, improper housekeeping while dusting and cleaning, pet care due to dander and shedding, replacing filters in heaters, air condition units, and exhaust fans. Use air filtration devices to reduce pollen in the air.

The only physically bad thing about sneezing is the spread of disease, which can be prevented by using a tissue or, if necessary, sneezing into the inside of your elbow.

Do not hold your nose or block your mouth while sneezing. Doing so can cause serious injury. The force and velocity of the average sneeze, if prevented from ejection from the body, can eventually cause hearing loss and damage the blood vessels in your head.

Keep in mind sneezing is a way of removing an irritation from your nose. Make it a habit to carry a tissue or handkerchief with you at all times, so that you don't feel the need to withhold a sneeze unnecessarily.

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