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Von Willebrand Disease

What is Von Willebrand Disease?

Von Willebrand disease is a chronic bleeding disorder where both platelet aggregation and clot formation do not occur properly. It is the most common hereditary bleeding disorder.

There are three main variations of Von Willebrand disease. Each variation varies by the severity of symptoms. Type 1 is a mild disorder. It is the majority of cases. Type 2 is a mild to moderate disorder. It has moderate symptoms. Type 3 is the most severe form of the disorder. It rarely occurs.

Von Willebrand disease is also called pseudohemophilia and vascular hemophilia. Von Willebrand disease affects women and men equally.

Symptoms of Von Willebrand Disease

The most common symptoms of Von Willebrand disease include:

  • bleeding gums
  • blood in the urine
  • nose bleeds
  • urinary tract bleeding
  • blood in the stool
  • easy bruising
  • heavy menstrual flow

What causes Von Willebrand Disease?

It is caused by a defect in a clotting factor called Von Willebrand factor. In many cases, there is also a deficiency of clotting factor VIII.

Treatment Options for Von Willebrand Disease

The most common treatments for Von Willebrand disease are: medications, blood transfusions, and avoiding situations that can cause injury and bleeding.

How is Von Willebrand Disease Diagnosed?

Your doctor will perform blood tests to see if you have Von Willebrand disease.

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