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Morton's Neuroma

What is Morton's Neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is a non-cancerous tumor of a nerve. It is more common in women than in men.

It usually occurs in the space, between the third and fourth toes.

Morton's neuroma, is also called plantar neuroma.

Symptoms of Morton's Neuroma

The most common symptoms are:

  • burning pain in the ball of foot
  • numbness in the toes
  • sharp or dull pain between the third and fourth toes

What happens to the Foot?

In Morton's neuroma, tissue that surrounds the digital nerve leading to the toes becomes thick.

What causes Morton's Neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is most often caused by flat feet, pressure, irritation or injury.

How is it Morton's Neuroma diagnosed?

Your doctor will will take an x-ray and an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to help him diagnose Morton's neuroma.

The x-ray and MRI will all the doctor to get a better look at the foot and to ensure that the compression is not caused by a tumor in the foot.

Can Morton's Neuroma be treated?

Yes. Treatment will depend on what caused it. Common treatments are:

  • pain medication
  • arch supports
  • padding and taping foot
  • wear well fitting shoes
  • wear sandals
  • avoid high heels
  • in rare cases, surgery


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