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Tips for Getting A Better Night Sleep

  1. Avoid Alcohol
    • Alcohol can cause restlessness during the night. Caffeine and nicotine have substances in them that will keep you awake.
  2. Avoid Smoking
    • Nicotine has substances in it that will keep you awake.
  3. Avoid Caffeine
    • Caffeine has substances in it that will keep you awake.
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Avoid sleep interruptions
    • Don't sleep with the pet, close your door, minimize light and noise.
  6. Relax before bedtime
    • A warm bath or light snack
  7. Avoid liquids before bedtime
    • Limits having to use the bathroom at night.
  8. Avoid long naps during the day
    • Naps can disrupt your sleeping pattern.
  9. Avoid trying to sleep
    • The more you "try" to sleep, the more difficult it becomes.
  10. Get up at the same time each morning
    • Too much time in bed can lead to restless sleep.
  11. Use your bed for sleeping
    • Not for unrelated activities like reading or watching tv.
  12. Check your medications

Tips for People who Work the Night Shift

  1. Share your schedule and sleep times with your family and friends.
  2. Take a nap before your evening shift to help you feel more alert.
  3. Prepare your bedroom for daytime sleeping.
    • Use room darkening shades or curtains
    • Use a fan or soft music to block out loud sounds
  4. Eat regular meals with a balanced diet.
  5. Work out before work.
    • Brisk walking, jogging or swimming can help you stay alert and keep you in shape.
  6. Avoid late night caffeine.

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