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How to Properly Burp a Baby

Why Should I Burp My Baby?

Burping a baby will help to release excessive air which may have accumulated in the child’s stomach. Air can easily build up in a child’s stomach if it is swallowed during a feeding or while the infant is crying. Proper burping techniques will help the air to form a large bubble in the child’s stomach which can then be released in a burp.


Complications a Baby Might have if it is not Burped

If the air is not brought up through burping, the infant will probably develop a stomachache. If babies aren't burped frequently, too much swallowed air can lead to spitting up, crankiness, and gassiness.

How Much Air Will My Baby Burp Up?

The amount of air a baby will burp up varies with the type of feeding, and how quickly the baby eats. A breast-fed baby may not swallow as much air during a feeding as a bottle-fed baby may swallow. You will come to know your child and learn if he or she is inclined to big burps, or not.

How Do I Burp My Baby?

Do not pat or rub your baby’s back too hard. This may cause your child to spit up his or her entire feeding.

Below is a list of positions you can try when burping your baby. Use the position which feels the most comfortable for you and your baby.

  • Position One: Place a cloth diaper on your shoulder and place your baby upright on it. Gently start patting or rubbing your baby between his or her shoulder blades.
  • Position Two: Place a cloth diaper on your lap and lay your child on his or her stomach on your lap. Gently start patting or rubbing his or her back.
  • Position Three: Hold your baby upright on your lap, supporting his or her chin with your hand. Drape your hand with a cloth diaper. Gently rub or pat the baby’s back.

How Often Do I Burp My Baby?

The amount of burping a baby needs varies. Some babies will need to be burped every 2 to 3 ounces if you bottle feed and after each breast if you breast feed.

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