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Benefits of Playing Games with Your Little One

There are many benefits to playing games such as peek-a-boo, this little piggy and where is your nose with a baby. Babies enjoy spending time with loved ones and games are an excellent way to enjoy quality time with your baby as well as to have lots of fun and giggles and to help your little one learn.

What to do when playing games with baby

When you play a game with your baby always show as much enthusiasm and interest as possible. Give your baby the wide-eyed look and look surprised at the appropriate times. Always do plenty of smiling and laughing and talk in a tone that shows you are pleased and excited. Your baby will pick up your enthusiasm.


Encourage your baby’s by moving her arms and legs in accordance with the rhythm of the game you are playing. If the game calls for a fast pace then do so to solicit plenty of smiles but slow things down if your baby appears to be worn down by the game.

Always talk while you play a game. While your baby does not understand the meaning of the words you speak she will pick up on your pleasant tone. Give names to things that your baby sees and this helps to teach what words stands for which objects.

Always reward your baby by giving her plenty of smiles, warm cuddles and praise when the game is coming to an end. Remember that baby’s do not have a very long attention span so once her attention begins to wander it is time to bring the game to an end.

Playing peek-a-boo with your baby

A suggestion for the peek-a-boo game is to play it during her bath or when she is getting dressed. Hide your own face behind your hands and ask your baby, “Where’s Mommy?” Give her a second and then reveal your face to her from behind your hands and let out an enthusiastic, “Peek-a-boo!” This is sure to bring a smile to her eyes. Another idea is to hide your baby’s face behind her washcloth in the bathtub and ask where she is. Then pull it away and say “Peek-a-boo!”

Games for language acquisition

Games help babies learn about language. It also teaches a certain degree of coordination and babies come to learn about appropriate responses. For example a baby looks up at her parent when she hears her name and she learns to smile when the parent smiles. Name recognition is a very important aspect of playing games and so is learning what names go with what, such as when it comes to body parts in the game, where is your nose. Games often involve taking turns so this teaches a baby that Mommy will go first and then baby will have a turn. When a parent responds in words to the things a baby babbles or coos this makes it seem as if the parent understands what the baby is saying and this instills confidence in the baby.

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