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How to Save Money on Baby Items

It is common for many expectant and new parents to feel they should buy every new item they see in the marketplace for their child. In reality, many new parents do not have the financial resources to accommodate such desires. With a little forethought and time, you can find all the necessary items you will need for your baby at an affordable price or free.


Hand-Me-Downs and Heirlooms

The best way that many new parents have found to save money on baby items is to ask friends and family members about their unused baby items. Anyone who has had children will generally have baby items stored at their home. Many people are willing to lend out a crib, bassinet, baby swing, car seat, high chair and playpen to a friend. Simply ask if they would be willing to let you use their equipment. Many times individuals are reluctant to sell their child’s items but are more than happy to see them put to good use by someone they love. However, you should make sure that any item you receive meets the current safety standards.

Baby Consignment and Bargain Stores

Consignment and bargain stores are a great place to shop for baby items. Many baby items such as clothing, bedding and equipment can be found there. Consignment and bargain stores generally serve as a place where parents can bring their baby items to be exchanged for other baby items to accommodate a growing child. Most items which are sold at these shops are reasonably priced and in good condition. You can locate one of these “swap and shop” stores in your area by looking through your local phone book.

Bazaars, Fund Raisers and Yard Sales

Many expectant and new parents will spend their weekends going to local bazaars, fund raisers or yard sales. Bazaars and fund raisers are great places to locate unique and hard to find baby items at a reasonable price. Yard sales are a practical place to search for baby items. Many times you can purchase three or four large baby items at a yard sale for the price of one brand new large baby item that is found in a retail store.

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