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Dating After 60 - Dating at His Place or Mine

There are no clear cut rules stating when it is all right to invite a man back to your home for coffee after a date or for a home cooked meal. This often depends on how you feel about the person you are dating and how long you have been dating the person.

When you are over the age of 60 and just starting dating again sometimes it is tempting to be a little too overeager for intimacy, both emotionally and physically, especially if you have been alone for a while. Stifle the impulse to go into overdrive and take your time and get to know the other person at a safe and gradual pace.

It is important to keep the lines of communication open when you are dating. What to you might be an innocent invitation to come in for a coffee after a date while your date might think it is an offer of sex. Make sure you make your feelings clear before inviting your date in as to what your intentions are, and are not so there is no confusion and no awkwardness if he tries to make a move and you are not ready.

Keep in mind that no one can read your mind and men and women do not necessarily look at things from the same point of view, so state your thoughts and feelings but do not be harsh. If you really like the other person but are not ready to move to a higher level of intimacy then explain to your date how you feel about him and that you will eventually get to the point where he is now, however you are not there yet.

Bear in mind that developing intimacy between two people involves vulnerability and trust and these take time to grow. Intimacy is a very delicate and precious process that must grow in its own way and at its own pace and it can in no way be forced.

It is important to realize that people over 60 have had their share of past relationships and while some may feel comfortable becoming sexual early on in a relationship, others may feel the need to get to know the other person well due to problems that have arisen in the past because of former relationships. You must set the pace but remember to keep the lines of communication open.

Before inviting your date to your home for a drink, a meal or take out pizza and a movie always discuss what it means to the relationship, i.e. if this means that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level as far as sex is concerned or not. A person who truly cares for you will be supportive of your boundaries and your decision. Once that discussion is out of the way the two of you can then settle in for an enjoyable date at your place without any pressure.

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