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What to Expect on a Blind Date

Sometimes the thought of a blind date is exciting while other times it is a source of dread. There is always the fear of what if I don’t like the person or what if the person doesn’t like me? If you are set up by a close friend you might expect that this person would have an idea of the type of person you would be attracted to but your friend might be totally off base. In order to help quell your blind date nerves read along to get an idea of what you can expect.

First of all be realistic about the blind date. While you may be hoping to meet the man or woman of your dreams on the blind date it might not happen so be prepared for this reality. Do not automatically assume that the earth is going to move for the two of you and that you will be floating on cloud nine. Being realistic about your expectations is extremely important first and foremost.

Always meet in public and preferably meet in a busy place such as a bar or coffee shop. This is the safest and most comfortable thing for the both of you. For safety’s sake arrive to your meeting place separately and leave separately. It is best to choose territory that is neutral for you both. Do not suggest a location where everyone knows you or the other person is likely to feel like an outsider.

It is always best to plan a short blind date as opposed to a long one. For example meeting for coffee or a drink is better than planning to go out to dinner or a movie. If it is short and the two of you are not attracted to one another and do not hit it off, then you will not be committed to spending an entire evening together.

Make sure when you are planning your blind date that you are both clear on where you are meeting, what time and how to dress for the date. Nobody likes to be over dressed or under dressed for any occasion. It is always best to let a family member or friend know about your blind date and when you expect to be returning home in case a problem arises.

Always anticipate the blind date and be as positive an energetic as you can be when the date is going on. Prepare ahead of time for topics you plan to talk about on the blind date. If you are new to the dating arena or re entering it after a number of years then ask your friends for advice on what to talk about and what not to talk about on your blind date. Always be yourself and put your best foot forward on your date. Show your date who you are and what is special about you. Always be friendly, polite and show confidence. Talk but also listen and be honest with the other person.

Have fun on your date and if it works out well and sparks fly then good for you! If it does not then do not lie but instead be upfront and honest with the person that you do not plan to call or see them again.

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