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First Date Ideas

The first date is not just about restaurants and movies. Here are some great first date ideas that are sure to get things started in the right direction.

  1. Beach - Take a picnic, a bottle of wine and a rug and spend the day catching the sun together.
  2. Pottery - Go to one of those fun pottery stores that let you come in and paint something and then return later for the finished project.
  3. Picnic by a river - Prepare a basket of goodies a chilled bottle of wine and enjoy the day relaxing in each others company.
  4. Star gazing - This can be especially fun during a meteor shower.
  5. The movies - Let your date choose the film. It will show good gesture if you don`t have the same taste in films.
  6. Indoor ice skating - or roller blading in the park. You can lean against each other for balance and warmth.
  7. A sporting activity that you both like.
  8. Local museum or art gallery - This is only a good idea if you are both interested in museums.
  9. Comedy club -You'll get a good idea of her sense of humor.
  10. Take in a show - Get dressed up for the evening and go a long to watch one of your favorite shows at a theatre house.
  11. Local events such as street fairs, festivals and concerts-in-the-park are often free and will keep you busy.
  12. Miniature golfing
  13. Botanical Gardens - Quiet strolls through rose bushes and koi ponds offer a sense of peace and tranquility.
  14. Live music - Just make sure the music isn't tool loud so you won't have to yell in her ear the entire time.
  15. Coffee - Start small and try meeting for coffee just to size each other up. If the coffee date goes well, you can always extend the date by heading off for something else like dinner or a movie.

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