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Politics and Dating

During a courtship the subject of politics may or may not be a part of the conversation. Talking about politics during the first date has been noted as inappropriate, but the new generation has embraced this subject as part of their everyday conversation.

Approaching the subject with a date or even a group of people has proven to be very tolerable. Men and women alike are more intrigued with the political arena. The phrase "stepping on someone's toes" during a political conversation has practically disappeared.

Another scenario of politics and dating is the fact that most couples aren't opposed to what party you may or may not belong to. Even though each person has their own ideas of what their political party represents it does not discourage them from dating or marrying.

I'm a Republican you're a Democrat

It has been noted that dating a person that is affiliated as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or any other political party has not caused any more friction than a couple that is from the same party. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of topics and discussions. It is up to each individual to respect the other persons opinions or beliefs.

Discuss or not to discuss

It may not be hard to approach the subject during an election year because of all the media hype, but during the off years most couples do not discuss politics, and those that do are trying to find out what party you belong to. It is not uncommon to talk politics during the off years because of what is going on in the world. Different crisis in the world may present themselves and the political subject could be approached. If there appears to be discomfort with either person, the subject should not be discussed. Changing the subject in a subtle way will put the other person at ease.

At home or in public

After dating for awhile most couples are familiar with the subject of politics with each other. Discussing politics at home or in public has become a way of life. If you know that you will be disagreeing on most of the political subjects then discussing politics at home is in your best interest.

Politics can be a very interesting subject. Always respect others views and opinions.

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