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Honeymooning in Your Twilight Years

Whether your marriage is brand new or thirty years strong, the latter years of your life are the perfect time to celebrate your love with a romantic vacation. The children are no longer there to repeatedly pull at the hem of your coat or cry on airplanes, your career has hit a peacefully steady stride or retirement has given you the free time you never had . . . now is the time for you and your partner to indulge those fantasies of seeing the world together. Below, we offer a few suggestions for older couples looking to take their first, second, or twelfth honeymoon together.

  1. Select a place to honeymoon with attractions that are close to one another. Having to race from one end of the city to the other can be exhausting and unpleasant, so choose a destination that offers plenty of excitement within walking distance of each other. Washington DC is a prime example of such a location, as the National Mall offers a lovely day’s worth of museums, monuments, scenic picnicking and people watching that are all compact into a very manageable distance of one another.
  2. Do not join a multiple-day travelling group, as this trip is about connecting with each other and is not necessarily about making new friends. However, consider joining groups that offer day trips that cater to senior citizens. There are plenty of organizations that offer fun activities like hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, historical adventures and more, all designed specifically to eliminate the stress of traveling and meet the interests and pace of older generations. This is a fun, safe way for the two of you to broaden your horizons and venture outside your comfort zone.  
  3. Many hotels, attractions and forms of transportation (including air and rails) have discounts specifically for senior citizens. Do a little bit of investigating before your travels to identify these specific hot spots, and always inquire about potential mark downs. The National Park Service offers particularly generous moneysaving opportunities for senior citizens with the “Senior Pass,” allowing free entrance into any park and half-off costs to utilize park facilities. While similar deals cost younger folks an annual fee of $80, seniors only have a one-time cost of $10!
  4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There’s nothing quite like sickness to ruin a romantic vacation, so make sure to visit your doctor before your honeymoon and inform him or her about your intended trip. Make sure that you are current with all of your routine vaccines, as well as receive any additional boosters that are recommended for the specific locale you are visiting. If you take any medications regularly, make sure to pack more than you anticipate needing in case you are unexpected stranded, and store it in at least two different pieces of luggage per chance one is misplaced. However, sometimes health problems are unavoidable, so consider investing in Travel Health Insurance.

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