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Foods that Stain

Foods that Stain:

  1. Soy sauce
  2. Berries
  3. Curry
  4. Coffee
  5. Red wine
  6. Dark soda
  7. Dark fruit juice
  8. Tea
  9. Extremely hot or cold liquids are dangerous to your white smile because they change the temperature of your teeth. Temperature change causes teeth to expand and contract, allowing stains to penetrate your teeth.
  10. Slightly acidic foods open up the pores of the tooth enamel allowing stains to more easily move into your teeth.
  11. Tobacco from cigarettes and cigars quickly stains teeth yellow.

How to get rid of stains

If your teeth are mildly discolored, stains can be removed by professionals like the teeth whitening in Perth, bleaching, microabrasion. If the stain is severe or deep in the tooth, it can be covered with a bonding, a porcelain veneer, or a crown.

Tips to keep your teeth free of stains

  1. Limit the intake of foods that stain your teeth. Brush and floss your teeth every day.Use an electric toothbrush (electric toothbrushes can remove 98.2 percent of plaque).
  2. Use a mouthwash with an antibacterial action to help dissolve plaque.

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