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What Causes Diabetes?

The exact cause of diabetes is not known but studies have associated diabetes with high-fat diets, alcoholism, obesity in adults, childhood obesity, high blood pressure, high fat levels in the blood, and other issues that relate directly to sedentary lifestyles.

Diabetes is directly related to the body being unable to control it's blood sugar level. High blood sugar, called "Hyperglycemia," is controlled by the hormone insulin. Diabetes causes a breakdown in the body's ability to create and secrete the natural flow of insulin.

Listed below are other causes that contribute to diabetes:

  • Age is one of the most notable causes of diabetes. The older you get, the more chances you have for developing the disease. Although you can get diabetes at any age, 80 percent of all diabetes cases occur after the age of 50.
  • Improper diet or poor eating habits is suspected in many diabetes cases, especially the lack of protein and fiber and a high intake of sugar and salt.
  • Obesity is another high risk opportunity for the development of diabetes. Obesity related diabetes rank high on the list for children, as well as for adults, both male and female.
  • Heredity: It is believed that certain genes that are passed down from generation to generation may possess greater risks for diabetes. If the mother or father has the disease, it may be passed on to their children. The chances of diabetes being passed on to the next generation is even greater if both the parents have it.
  • Stress is believed to be a cause of diabetes, along with emotional and physical maladies.
  • Studies done on high cholesterol levels in the blood have found that there is definite evidence that the on-set of diabetes is related to high blood sugar.
  • If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, meaning little or no exercise, your chances of contracting diabetes is greater than those who exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 to 5 times a week.
  • Certain drugs have been associated with the onset of diabetes.
  • Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) have a higher than normal chance of contracting diabetes.

Although doctors know that there are certain factors that lead to the development of diabetes in the body, it is still a puzzling disease. It is unknown why certain people get it and others don't. The study of diabetes is an ongoing process.


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