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Diabetes Alert Dogs

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to notify owners with Type 1 diabetes of low and high blood glucose levels. Once alerted, the owner can promptly make necessary corrections to avert the episode or lessen its severity.

Why are Diabetes Alert Dogs Important?

If uncontrolled, a blood sugar high or low can lead to a seizure, coma, or death making these well-trained dogs true lifesavers. A Diabetic Alert Dog's performance can result in tighter glycemic control which decreases the likelihood of devastating, long-term complications including kidney failure, retinaphy, neuropathy, heart disease, etc.

Diabetic Alert Dogs change the lives of people with Type I diabetes. During a 'diabetic episode' the dog is trained to do specific actions to alert their person when their glucose level is too high or low and won't stop alerting them until they say a code word like 'glucose'.

Diabetic Alert Dogs will even jump on the person's chest if their levels drop while they are sleeping.

How does a Diabetic Alert Dogs know when a 'diabetic episode' is occuring?

Dogs have over 200,000,000 sensors that can smell individual elements in parts per trillion. Rapid changes in the blood sugar levels cause chemical changes in the body that are expressed through a person’s breath and skin, and include unique chemical elements that the dog can smell. Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to react in a very specific way when they smell chemicals released during a 'diabetic episode'.

Diabetes Alert Dogs are very important, so important that we are helping Kerstyn, a 12 year old with Diabetes Type 1 get a diabes alert dog. Help us save a child with Diabetes Type 1.

Not convinced that a Diabetes Alert Dog can help control diabetes?

We found a helpful video that gives great insights to how a Diabetes Alert Dog works.


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