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Help Kerstyn Get a Diabetes Alert Dog

What would you do if your child had an incurable disease?
How would you help them?
How would you keep them safe?

Meet Kerstyn. She has diabetes type 1, an incurable, chronic disease. She has to take daily insulin shots to stay alive. An undiagnosed spike or drop in blood glucose could cause a her to have a seizure or a coma. Sometimes Kerstyn's blood glucose level spikes a few minutes after a normal reading, causing here parents to always be on high alert.

Kerstyn's parents frequently check her glucose levels during the night while she sleeps, just to make sure she is safe during the night. Diabetes type 1 is very scary, an undiagnosed spike or drop during the night could cause her not to wake up at all.

Until there is a cure for diabetes, there is a dog. A Diabetes Alert Dog will give Kerstyn's parents peace of mind. Kerstyn's Diabetic Alert Dog will be professionally trained to do specific actions to alert her or her parents when she is having a spike or drop in blood sugar. It won't stop alerting them until they say a code word like 'glucose'. The dog will even jump on her chest to alert her if her levels spike or drop while she is sleeping.

Watch Kerstyn's story, and together, let's help her get a dog that will keep her alive. Follow her journey on her Facebook Page

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