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Benefits of going to a registered dietician

A registered dietician is a nutritional expert who has extensive training in matters dealing with food and nutrition. You can become a nutritional counselor by taking a certification program but registered dieticians have university degrees that give them the qualifications to give sound advice to their clients in regards to living a healthy lifestyle.

If your eating habits are out of control and you are gaining weight unnecessarily then it might be time to seek out the services of a registered dietician. If you have recently been diagnosed with a disease or have found out that you have high cholesterol your doctor might well encourage you to visit a registered dietician for nutritional advice when it comes to healthy lifestyle changes.

A registered dietician will take a personalized approach to diet, food and nutrition as opposed to a textbook or academic approach and can help to fashion a diet that is geared specifically for a particular individual as opposed to a group of people. The dietician will examine your current lifestyle choices and can identify where your problem areas are and then can get to work to help you make modifications to your diet. Perhaps you eat too much fat in your diet or consume too much sodium? Do you eat plenty of lean meat but not enough fish? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis or could you use some help in that area?

A registered dietician can help formulate a diet that will improve your health while meeting your nutritional needs but she can also help you to set short term goals in regards to losing weight. Crash dieting or fad dieting never works and any dietician will tell you so. It is not healthy to cut out any particular food groups because your body requires a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a day-to-day basis and skipping meals is not advisable nor will it work anyway. If you go without eating lunch for example when it is time for supper you will end up eating more (think double the helping) because of the fact that you deprived your body at the last meal.

Who needs a registered dietician the most?

The American Dietetic Association has compiled a list of people who most need the services of a registered dietician and have deemed these individuals "nutritionally challenged." The list of nutritionally challenged individuals includes:

-Those who need to lose some weight.

-Those who have recently undergone gastric bypass surgery.

-Those who want to eat healthier and smarter and want to learn how to properly read labels on food and to dispel many commonly held health and food myths.

-Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

-Those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

-Those who play sports and want to improve their performance and endurance.

If it is a nutritional plan you need then you should make an appointment with a registered dietician.

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