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Avoid Medicine Mix-ups

Bad reactions to prescription and over-the-counter drugs kill about 100,000 Americans each year. Help lower your risk of having a bad reaction to medicines by following the suggestions listed below.

  1. Prepare for your doctor visit. Before you go to the doctor, write down your medical history, the medications you are currently taking, dietary supplements you are taking and allergic reactions to medicines.
  2. Make sure you can read what the doctor wrote on your prescription. Before you leave your doctor, make sure you can read the prescription. If you know what your doctor has prescribed, you will know if the pharmacy gives you the wrong medicine.
  3. Be clear on how you take your medicine. Ask you doctor or pharmacist how much medicine to take and how often to take it.
  4. Look over the prescription before you leave the pharmacy. Sometimes, the pharmacy makes mistakes. It is important to catch the mistake before you take the medicine.
  5. Be aware of side effects and bad reactions. If you think you are having a bad reaction or are experiencing a side effect, see your doctor immediately.
  6. Store your medicine in a cool, dry place. Most people store their medicine in the bathroom. The bathroom is often not the best place to store medicine. Heat and moisture can make medicine less effective.
  7. Know which medicines interact negatively with others. Tell your doctor the medications you are currently taking so you won't be given something that will negatively interact with another medicine.

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