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Prescriptions Medication: Why you should never buy medicine online

Knockoff prescription meds are as plentiful online as other fake goods, but they are much more dangerous. At best, you're buying sugar pills. At worst, according to the Food and Drug Administration, the meds could be expired, contaminated or contain improper dosages.

In 2004 the FDA shut down several web sites that had been selling contraceptive patches that contained no active ingredients. In recent news, a Colorado doctor is facing criminal and civil lawsuits for filling a prescription for antidepressants over the Internet to a 19-year-old Stanford University student who later committed suicide. The civil suit alleges that the doctor signed off on the prescription without a consultation.

If you must buy prescription medication online, buy them from a reliable source. There are plenty of legitimate websites. to are reliable sources. Your state board of pharmacy must license a web site to fill prescriptions in your state. A quick phone call to your state's health department can tell you if a web site is reliable.

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