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Purging Disorder

Purging is a disease that hasn't been officially recognized as an eating disorder, but some may say that a purging disorder is a form of bulimia. A person who is purging, purges food but does not binge eat.

Purging mostly occurs after eating small amounts of food, and while the person may be purging, they will most likely maintain their normal weight, that's why it's hard to recognize someone who's purging.

Even though it's hard to recognize a person who is purging, there're many signs that someone may have a purging disorder.

Some of the signs of purging include:

  • Going to the restroom after every meal
  • Regular use of laxatives
  • Obsessing about their weight and appearance

Someone who has a purging disorder may show physical signs as well.

  • Vomits repeatedly
  • Erosion of their teeth, due to stomach acid
  • Scarred knuckles from putting their fingers in their mouth

There are also mental symptoms that may occur when someone is purging.

When it comes to eating disorders, many people don't know the difference between them. People who purge don't binge eat, but the two has been linked to one another. Bulimics who binge eat, they purge by vomiting.

People who struggle with bulimia tend to purge more often and are more concerned with weight loss.

All eating disorders can be very serious and sometime deadly. People who are purging can get help through numerous eating disorder support groups. There can be long lasting mental and physical health problems, and the sooner you get treatment, the faster your road to recovery.


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