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Rumination Syndrome

What is Rumination Syndrome?

Rumination syndrome is characterized by the voluntary or involuntary regurgitation and rechewing of partially digested food that is either reswallowed or expelled. This regurgitation appears effortless. Regurgitation may be preceded by a belching sensation. Usually, regurgitation does not involve retching or nausea.

In rumination syndrome, the regurgitated food does not taste sour or bitter. The process of regurgitation may be repeated several times or for several hours per episode.

Rumination and Mental Disorders

Rumination is sometimes associated with anxiety disorders and/or depression.

Complications of Rumination Syndrome

Some complications of rumination syndrome include:

Can Rumination Syndrome be Treated?

Yes rumination syndrome can be treated. A doctor can produce a treatment plan that will best suit the patient.


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