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Bamboo, a plant that originated from Asia is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Bamboo is a type of grass that has a wood hallow stem. Bamboo reaches maturity in less than five years and has a variety of sizes. Depending on the type, it can grow between 1 and 10 feet tall.

Bamboo material is one of the fastest growing renewable natural resources in the world. Bamboo has become a very popular choice as a material to create eco-friendly clothes, toys, floors and furniture.

Types of Bamboo

There are two main types of bamboo, clumping bamboo and running bamboo.

Clumping bamboo remains in a tight bunch of stalks. With the addition of new stalks, the bunch gets larger each year. Clumping bamboo expands at a rate of a few inches per year. Clumping bamboo tends to spread slowly. Clumping bamboo is also called non-spreading bamboo.

Running bamboo is an excellent screening plant that will spread quickly and densely fill an area. Running bamboo grows very fast and aggressively. Running bamboo is also called spreading bamboo.

How to use Bamboo

Bamboo can be used for several different things. In some countries bamboo is used to cook meals, while in other places, it is used for construction.

Bamboo clothing is soft and smooth and feels like cashmere, but can be put in the washer and dryer and is wrinkle-resistant.

Bamboo fabric has a natural sunscreen that blocks out 98% of all UV activity, protecting your skin from the harmful effects of sun's ray.

Bamboo Flooring

  • Bamboo can be harvested over and over again, whereas hardwood takes decades to grow and once the tree is cut down, it’s gone.
  • Bamboo looks great with characteristics all its own, including "growth rings" and "knuckles" which add texture to your floor.
  • Check into a warranty, most suppliers offer a lifetime structural warranty and a 15-year finished warranty.
  • Buy a scratch repair kit and burn repair kit from the floor manufacturer.
  • You can install bamboo floors above or below grade and on top of wood or concrete.
  • Avoid high-heeled shoes on bamboo floors and place rugs at the entrances to your home.
  • Direct sunlight can cause the bamboo to become discolored. Use appropriate screens and shades.
  • A horizontal cut will give you a wider strip versus a narrow vertical cut. A horizontal cut usually shows more bamboo markings.
  • Bamboo may be more susceptible to dents and can sand down quicker when being refinished.

Cons of Using Bamboo

  • Even though bamboo is currently more popular than ever, most bamboo plants come from China, which means a lot of money and energy are spent transferring it to facilities where it is made into clothes or other materials.
  • High demand for bamboo is causing some companies to clear forest to grow more bamboo. Some of the bamboo is grown with fertilizers that don't meet the organic standards in the United States.

Pros of Using Bamboo

  • A bamboo plant gives off 35 percent more oxygen into the air than most plants.
  • Bamboo helps prevent soil erosion, which is ideal for agriculture use.
  • Bamboo flooring can withstand a great deal of use without damage . Bamboo flooring is available in finished or unfinished. Unfinished flooring comes with a square edge on the planks and when the floor is complete, it will have spaces in between them. Bamboo flooring can also be finished by the homeowner with a protective stain or sealant for better durability.
  • Bamboo clothes are than cotton and has a silk texture that keeps moister away from the skin. Bamboo clothing is great for hot weather or a sweaty workout. Bamboo fabric is also great for men's and women's bathrobes, and can also be used for luxury spa towels.
  • Bamboo sheets can help reduce the spread of nasty germs hidden in your bed sheets. Because of bamboo's unique antibacterial properties, it doesn't require the use of harmful pesticides and is rarely attacked by pests.

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