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Benefits of Eating Locally

Many of us love to sit down and eat at a nice restaurant, but did you ever think about where your money was going and how the ozone is affected by the distance you travel? Did you know that a dollar spent locally will generate twice as much income for the community? When you don't eat locally, money leaves the community in many different ways. Eating locally benefits not only your health, but it helps the environment and it saves you tons of money.

Eating locally can do wonders for your health. If you took a look at what goes into foods that are not produced locally, you might want to try and start shopping at places closer to your residence. Think about how long the meat you buy is riding on a train, bus or airplane, and how 'fresh' it is when it gets to the supermarkets. Pesticides is another major factor played in how healthy your food is. Eating local food will reduce the amount of pesticides you consume. Even if the food is not organic, eating locally is often safer on your health.

Eating local can be very good for the environment as well. Did you ever think of how much gas emissions are released into the air caused by transportation issues? Imagine how long it takes for produce to be transported from one country to another, and how many miles it takes for the produce to get to its destination. Imported meats, vegetables, and fruits are not as fresh as those that are grown and produced locally.

Eating locally also helps out your community. Farmers have to pay a hefty price when it comes to transportation, processing, packaging, refrigeration and marketing, and they only receive 20 cent of each food dollar spent. Spending your money at your local farmers market will not only help out the environment, but it will also help out farmers in your community.

Eating locally can also save you a bundle of cash. Farmers who sell their produce to local markets often sell them cheaper. So that means that if you buy food from markets that buy from local farmaers, you'll save money.

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