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Types of Greenhouses

When preparing to build a greenhouse, you will have to decide which type of greenhouse you want. All greenhouses are made to protect plants from extreme weather and harmful insects, but different types of greenhouse provide different ways to heat and use your greenhouse. There are three main types of greenhouses and each one can do different things depending on how high or low you set the temperature.

Hot Greenhouse

A hot house or hot greenhouse is where you keep the temperature at sixty-five degrees. A hot house is normally used to grow exotic and tropical plants. If you live in a cold region and want to have a hot greenhouse, you may need to purchase lighting equipment.

Cold Greenhouse

A cold greenhouse is used to grow seeds or plants that doesn't need warm weather to grow. A cold greenhouse is inexpensive and it provides a lot of growing space for big projects. During hot summer days, it may be a good idea to provide shading to protect your plants from overheating.

Attached Greenhouse

An attached greenhouse is a greenhouse that is attached directly to your house. An attached greenhouse can be very convenient because it can use your house to provide heat and electricity.

Warm Greenhouse

A warm greenhouse has a temperature maintained about fifty degrees, if you live in a cold area, most plants you grow indoors will survive the winter months. Depending on where you live, you may need to purchase heating lamps to use during the winter months.

Pit Greenhouse

The basic use of a pit greenhouse is to grow your plants at ground level and dig an underground walkway to have access to your plants. Pit greenhouses are popular because it stays about ten degrees warmer than a regular greenhouse built at the surface.

Solar greenhouse

Solar greenhouses are designed to collect and store solar energy. This is a very efficient way to keep your plants warm at night and when the weather is colder than usual. The solar greenhouses are similar to freestanding or attached greenhouses. You can combine a solar and pit greenhouse to give your plants more heat during the winter months.

Portable greenhouse

A portable greenhouse can be wonderful for any beginner. It allows you to experiment with a small space and their also easier to manage. Portable greenhouses are great for keeping bugs and insects from attacking your plants. Many people love having portable greenhouses because they can be stored anywhere, even at your office.

Free standing greenhouse

A free standing greenhouse stands alone and is not attached to your home. The good thing about free standing greenhouses is that you can build them as big as you want it to be. Depending on what kind of gardening you prefer, you may need to invest in heating and electricity.

Permanent greenhouse

Permanent greenhouses can be more expensive, but it's often worth the cost because they are usually more sturdy and durable. Permanent greenhouses are available in several different shapes and sizes.

Building a greenhouse.

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