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How to use less water during a drought

A drought is a long period of dry weather where less than normal or no precipitation falls. The severity of the drought depends on how little rain or snow falls, how long the drought lasts and the size of the area affected. Droughts are not fun and we all have to do our part in saving water.

Droughts can happen anywhere in the world at anytime of the year. During a water drought, many water conserving agencies ask people to reduce their amount of water use.

Tips on how to use less water

Conserve water. During a drought, it is very important to conserve water. One simple way to use less water is to water your lawn less often. In order to save water and still keep your lawn healthy, water your grass early in the morning or late at night. Water your lawn once a week and give your plants water only when needed.

Use Waterless car cleaner. We recommend Bayes Waterless Vehicle Wash. The Eco-Friendly Waterless Vehicle Wash is a one-step application designed to clean, shine, and protect your entire vehicle without the need for water. One 16oz. bottle can wash up to 5 cars while saving up to 750 gallons of water. Using Bayes Waterless Wash will also prevent debris and toxic run off associated with traditional car washing methods.

Seal leaks. Check your faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks. A small leak can contribute to as much as 20 gallons of wasted water per day. Do you think your leaky faucet is no big deal? Think again. The smallest leak in your home can waste up to 10% of the water used indoors.

Replace. Replace older toilets, shower heads and faucets with newer and more efficient models. Toilets are often the largest water users in your home. Replace your old toilet with a new high efficiency toilet. High efficiency toilets flush better and saves up to 20% more water than a standard new toilet.

Use a filtration system. Fish tanks can hold a lot of water, and cleaning your fish tank by pouring the old water down the drain and refilling the tank with fresh water wastes gallons of water. Instead, purchase a filtration system to clean your fish tank. A filtration system that will reduce the number of times that you will need to add fresh water to your fish tank.

Wash full loads of clothes. Make sure you wash your clothes on a full load. If you can, purchase a washer that has a water saving option.

Rainwater collection. Another way to save water, is to use a rainwater collection system. Rainwater collection systems are used to collect and store rainwater for the purpose of having water in case of an emergency or to use the water for gardens and lawns. Create a simple rainwater collection system by placing water buckets or wine barrels by the edge of your roof when it rains. You can use this water to water your grass and plants.

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