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Egg free products

For Breakfast

  • Tofu Scrambler from Fantastic Foods
  • Egg Replacer from Ener-G
  • Vans all natural waffles (several flavors, including Belgium, Berry, Blueberry, Carb Manager and Multi-grain)
  • Egg-Free Raisin Loaf by Ener-G
  • Soymilk by Silk
  • Silk soy yogurt by Silk

For Sandwiches

  • Nayonaise from Nasoya
  • Vegenaise from Follow Your Heart

For Dinner

  • Egg Replacer from Ener-G
  • Tofu Burger from Fantastic Foods
  • Vegetarian Chile from Fantastic Foods
  • Couscous with Lentils Bean Soup from Fantastic Foods
  • Veat meatless products from Vans International Foods (niggets, fillets, bites, and breast products)
  • Vegetalbe Miso Ramen by Fantastic Foods
  • Veggie Burgers by Gardenburger (several flavors including chicken, mushroom, bbq riblets, and lemon roasted cutlets)
  • Meal starters by MorningStar Frams (veggie chicken and veggie steak)
  • Burger by Boca Burger (several flavors including roasted, garlic burger, roasted onion burger, vegan bugger, chik'n patties, spicy patties)
  • Vegan Burger by Bamboo Burger

Food substitutes for eggs?

  • Ener-G Egg Replacer - follow directions on box.
  • 2 tbsp corn starch = 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp arrowroot flour = 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp potato starch = 1 egg
  • 1 heaping tbsp soy powder + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp soy milk powder + 1 tbsp cornstarch + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg
  • 1 banana = 1 egg in cakes
  • 2 tbsp water + 1 tbsp oil + 2 tsp baking powde r= 1 whole
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed simmered in 3 tbsp water = 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp water + 2 tsp baking powder = 1 egg
  • egg white = dissolve 1 tbsp plain agar powder in 1 tbsp water. Whip, chill and whip again.
  • 1/4 Cup tofu = 1 egg (blend tofu smooth with the liquid ingredients before they are added to the dry ingredients.)

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