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What is Pilates?

Pilates (pronounced puh-LAH-teez) is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk muscles. Pilates was developed in the 1920s by a physical trainer named Joseph H. Pilates.

In pilates, there are about 500 specific exercises. The exercises are designed to develop the entire body. The exercises are based on a few precise movements. Precise movements are more conducive to attaining proper control and form.

Benefits of Pilates

Some of the most common benefits of pilates are:

  • promotes physical harmony for people of all ages and conditions
  • engages your mind and body
  • provides balance for people of all ages and physical conditions
  • can help speed recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • helps develop proper breathing and body alignment
  • improve concentration
  • improves postural problems
  • helps prevent injury
  • increases body awareness
  • improves performance in sports
  • improves coordination
  • improves circulation

Is Pilates Right for You?

Pilates is very versatile and can fit anyone's needs. To determine if pilates is right for you, think about what you want to accomplish and set a goal. Many different people use it for different reasons. Professional dancers use it for strength and flexibility. Top athletes use it for strength, flexibility and injury prevention. Celebrities and supermodels use it to maintain beautiful physiques.

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