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If there’s one spot on the body that most people want to target and tone it’s the bum area.  Whether you’ve always desired slimmer legs and a sleek backside or you want to add more firm curves to that area, strength training can get you there.

While cardio exercises can help you burn calories and lose some body fat, it’s weight training that will completely reshape your body and change the way you look.

Let’s have a quick look at the best exercises that you should be performing for toning the bum.

The very first movement that you really can’t go wrong with are squats.  Squats are great for not only toning the bum region, but for also firming the quads as well.  Whether you want to perform these with a barbell, a set of dumbbells, or just use your body weight, if you perform them three times per week, you will see noticeable changes to your bum area.

Be sure when doing these that you go the full way down – or as far as you can comfortably go, as that will be key in maximally working the bum area.

Second, lunges are the next movement that you must consider performing if you want to firm the bum.  Lunges are great since they can also be performed anywhere and only require your body weight or a set of dumbbells.

When performing your lunges be sure to keep the body upright so you don’t wind up placing any stress on the lower back that could lead to back pain.

Split Squats
Third, split squats are another excellent movement for toning the bum.  To perform these you’ll simply place one leg up on a bench or chair behind you and then bend the standing leg as you squat down to the ground.

This action pattern will look very much like a lunge only one foot will be elevated and you won’t be moving forward. Complete all the reps on one leg before switching legs to repeat once again.

Finally, deadlifts are the last exercise that are great for hitting the bum region and will also work to strengthen the lower back as well.  Be sure when performing this movement that you do aim to keep your lower back as flat as possible however as this is what will prevent lower back pain.

As you raise the barbell or dumbbells upwards and move into the standing position, really think of squeezing from the hamstrings to make this movement pattern happen.

So there you have four exercises to choose from that will definitely firm and tighten that bum.  Try including at least two of these in each workout session you do for fast results.

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