Want a set of toned abs? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. There’s nothing like having a flat, sleek midsection that shows a hint of muscle definition to really increase your confidence in your body. With the right exercise combination, you will have toned abs in no time.

An important thing to consider is that getting toned abs involves proper diet and exercise.

If you aren’t eating correctly throughout the course of the day it’s going to be very difficult to see the results you’re looking for. Before you start an exercise regime, take some time to get your diet under control. Once that’s set, the following exercises will definitely bring you the end results that you’re looking for. Here are the main exercises that will help tone your abs.

The Plank Exercise

When it comes to both adding strength to the core muscles as well as moving you closer to seeing a six pack, you simply cannot beat the plank exercise. This movement is great because there are numerous ways you can increase the intensity to make the plank exercise more challenging.

Once you’ve mastered the regular plank exercise, try a slightly tougher plank exercise by placing your feet or arms up on an exercise ball. Another modification of the plank exercise is to or simply lift one leg off the floor and raise it up behind you to decrease your base of support. Either of these modified plank exercise methods will force the abs to work harder and become more toned.

Lying Leg Raises

Lying leg raises are great six pack ab exercise to do if you want to tone your stomach. When performing the lying leg raises, make sure that the lower back stays pressed against the floor at all times. Also, don’t ever let the legs drop completely to the ground until you’ve actually finished the entire set as this will keep the tension on those muscle tissues on high at all times.

Exercise Ball Crunch

The exercise ball crunch is another very popular choice to add into your workout program. The exercise ball crunch is great because it forces the muscles to work extra. The exercise ball crunch reduces your base support, thus increasing ab strength and definition.

When doing the exercise ball crunch be careful to maintain proper breathing technique throughout the exercise. One of the most common mistakes many people make is holding their breath while performing the exercise ball crunch. If you hold your breath, you will decrease the amount of force you’re able to generate.

So there you have three top-notch ab exercises that you should be including regularly towards the end of your workout session. If you combine these with a balanced diet, it won’t be long before you’re feeling great about the amount of ab definition you have.