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Burning Foot Syndrome

Burning Foot Syndrome?

Burning foot syndrome is a common complaint among many groups of people, most commonly in the older group over 50 years of age.

Symptoms of Burning Foot Syndrome

The most common symptoms are burning, stinging, redness and swelling. Most times, the only symptoms present are burning and stinging feet.

Cause of Burning Foot Syndrome

Some common causes of burning foot syndrome are:

  • ingestion of alcohol over a long period of time
  • irritating fabrics
  • fungal infections
  • poorly fitted shoes
  • blood disorders
  • nerve damage
  • kidney failure
  • liver damage
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • gastric restriction in morbid obesity

Is Burning Foot Syndrome serious?

Yes. Burning foot syndrome can be a symptom of another more serious condition.

Can Burning Foot Syndrome be treated?

Yes. The treatment will depend on the cause. Your doctor will take x-rays, MRI, and blood tests to determine what caused it before he prescribes a treatment. The most common treatments are:

  • magnetic therapy insoles
  • topical cream
  • buy shoes and socks that have adequate ventilation
  • antibiotics for fungal infection
  • reduce alcohol and smoking consumption


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