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Growing Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Growing organic vegetables can be both fun and eco-friendly. By growing organic vegetables, you will be able to control what goes into your body.

Organic vegetables has become a world wide phenomenon and more and more people are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. You can do your part as well by growing organic vegetables in your garden. Farmers and gardeners who grow vegetables the conventional way are subject to use harmful substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. All those chemicals are harmful to you and your family, especially if you are pregnant.

Benefits of growing organic vegetables

Growing organic vegetables benefits you and your family.Commercially grown non-organic produce is coated in carcinogens and poisons that no human, especially a child, should ingest. By growing your own organic produce you can be sure of exactly what is going into your, and your family’s bodies.

Growing organic vegetables will help your community and helps rebuild the ozone layer that protects the planet. Also, instead of releasing poisonous gas emissions in the atmosphere by driving to the supermarket, you'll be gas and money by walking to your garden to pick your organic vegetables.

The affects of growing organic vegetables can do wonders for the health of you and your family. Babies and elderly folks are most suscptible to health risks from non organic vegetables because their immune system may not be strong enough to fight off infections bought on by chemicals sprayed on the food they eat.

Growing organic vegetables will give you a chance to teach your children about the importance of eating fresh food, the risks of global warming and how your health is related to what you eat and the products you put into the atmosphere. You can start by getting your children involved in making a compost that will eventually go into your soil for organic growth. Let your children help you grow them and watch the vegetables grow over time. This will make your child feel like they were a part of helping the planet and helping their community.

Organic gardening problems

An organic vegetable garden means a garden free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. All problems common to gardening: diseases, pests, weeds and soil problems, can be fixed naturally. These natural solutions are generally safer, cheaper, easier and on the whole, more pleasant than their commercial counterparts.

Organic gardening and animals

It is beneficial to pair your garden with some animals. Cows, sheep and goats can provide natural crop weeding, pest control and fertilizer. Guano from chickens makes an excellent addition to your compost pile and they will eat the scraps that you do not put directly into the compost pile itself. You can aalso build movable pens and let your chickens mow your lawn for you. If you have horses, or there are horses nearby, look into composted manure as a cheap and effective fertilizer.


Add compost to your organic garden. Compost will turn into soil that is great for growing organic vegetables. If your soil has been sprayed with chemicals, it may take longer for your soil to be ready for organic growth.

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