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Winter Resources...What You Should Know!

Winter in most states can be traumatic and unnerving. With utilities on the rise and the weather unpredictable, the stress of facing another cold season can be overwhelming.

There are resources available through many organizations related to the government or non-profit sources. These resources include food banks, homeless shelters, school lunch programs, food stamps, and energy assistance programs. Many short term facilities are open during the coldest days of the year. To find out the location of these many of these facilities visit or call your local Church, Library, United Way or Salvation Army. These programs are available to homeowners and renters.

Be safe and warm this winter season
Creating a safe and warm atmosphere requires safety solutions that are comfortable and within your means. Emergency shelters for the elderly that do not have sufficient heat or air condition in their homes are availble all year long. Shelters are also considered as a safe refuge. Some shelters are set up to accomodate an individual or an entire family.

Prepare for unforseen weather conditions.
Keep additional blankets and winter wear in your home. Flashlights and candles should be located in a convenient and reachable place. Restock your emergency kit. Revisit your emergency exit routes and phone numbers.

Utility Shut-off Protection
You are protected from having your electric or gas service shut off if you have a financial hardship and you, or someone in your home, is seriously ill or you have an infant in the home under 12 months or it is between November 15 and March 15 and you need the service to heat your home. Utility companies may not shut off service to households where all residents are 65 years or older without written approval from the Dept. of Telecommunications and Energy. Contact your utility company for more information.

Nutrition For Everyone
Good nutrition is vital for good health during the Winter months and all year long. With the availability of food banks and food programs, getting the right nutrition for a balanced diet is within reach. There are programs such as foodfinders, school nutrition programs, the WIC program, weekly food give-a-ways through your local church. These programs can be found through your childs school, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Traveling back and forth to work can be minimized by ridesharing with co-workers or family members. During a snow storm less traffic will be on the roads if you commute with others. Along with saving on fuel and energy. Commuting can play a large role when taking your children to school accompanied with other neighborhood children. Inquire within your Human Resorce Office at your place of work for nearby employees.

The winter months can be an enjoyable season. It does not have to be overwhelming or stressful as long as you are informed about the help that is availble to you for any need you may have.



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