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Brown Lung Disease

What is Brown Lung Disease?

Brown lung disease, is an occupational disorder characterized by the narrowing of the lung's airways. Smoking can increase the severity of the disease. Brown lung disease is also called byssinosis.

What Causes Brown Lung Disease?

The most common cause of brown lung disease is the inhalation of unprocessed cotton dust, and dusts from hemp, and flax.

Who is at Risk for Developing Brown Lung Disease?

Textile workers opening bales of raw cotton are at high risk of developing the lung disorder.

Symptoms of Brown Lung Disease

Some of the most common symptoms of brown lung disease are:

  • wheezing and tightness in the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • irregular breathing
  • chronic cough

Symptoms are usually worse at the beginning of the work week and improve while the person is away from the workplace.

Can Brown Lung Disease be Treated?

Yes. Treatment options will depend on your age, medical history, severity of the disease, and tolerance for specific medications.

Physicians usually request that patients suffering from black lung disease to control their dust intake. Patients with more serious symptoms may have to change jobs. Bronchodilators and medications traditionally used to treat asthma me be prescribed to help open a user's airways.

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