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Aston-Patterning health benefits

What is Aston-Patterning?

Aston-Patterning was developed by Judith Aston in 1977. Aston-Patterning includes perceptions about our bodies' natural form and function, our processes of learning and self expression, and our interaction with the physical properties of the planet and our environment.

One of the most important elements to Aston-Pattering is the recognition that the human body is an asymmetrical structure, that its motion and form take on three-dimensional asymmetrical spiral patterns and that each human body is unique.

Aston-Patterning combines movement coaching, bodywork, ergonomics, and fitness training. Specific problems are evaluated in relationship to the whole, taking into consideration the entire person, their body, their character expressions, their personal beliefs and their movement habits.

Who will benefit from using Aston-Patterning?

Aston-Patterning can be helpful to individuals seeking relief from acute or chronic pain or for those wishing to improve their posture and increase the efficiency of their movement patterns, either in activities of daily living or complex activities, such as athletics or the performing arts.

Aston-Patterning movement work

The movement work has two divisions. The first part of movement work involves instruction in the most efficient way to perform the simple activities of daily living, and then progresses to complex activities.

The second part of movement work teaches the client how to use movement to decrease accumulated tension in the body. The bodywork includes Aston massage, myokinetics, and arthrokinetics.

Aston Massage

Aston massage is a specialized form based on Swedish massage. Aston massage utilizes a three-dimensional touch that helps to release functional holding patterns from surface to bone.

The bodywork is used to make new movement options available, and the sessions are followed with a movement lesson to assist the client in understanding how the tension had been created and how to maintain the changes achieved.

The ergonomic training shows the client how environment affects the body's alignment, dimensional integrity, and degree of effort required to perform activities, and identifies the role the environment plays in the current complaint. The client is trained to modify or negotiate with less-than-optimal ergonomic situations.

Aston Fitness Training

Aston Fitness training includes vertical and horizontal loosening, toning, stretching, and cardiovascular fitness. The loosening moves address specific areas of tension that, when released, assist the client in achieving the best alignment and dimensional integrity before working out.

Toning teaches the client how to address specific areas that are less toned in comparison to the rest of the body, resulting in an even distribution of muscle tone throughout the body. Stretching is taught in a way that doesn't borrow dimension from an adjacent body segment while working a specific area.

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