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Medicine: A hidden danger for children

Medicines are often swallowed by young children who find medicines where their parents and grandparents have left them. Grandparents - and all adults - should use child-resistant closures whenever young children are around. Keep medicines out of reach - and out of sight - of all children.

To reduce your child's risk of medicine poisoning:

  • Keep medicines out of reach and out of sight of children, preferably in a locked cabinet or closet. Even if you must leave the room for only an instant, put the container in a safe spot.
  • Store medicines and dietary supplements (especially iron pills) separately from other household products and keep these items in their original containers - never in cups or soft-drink bottles.
  • Always turn the light on when giving or taking medicine to be sure you have the right medicine and the correct measure or count of the dosage.
  • Since children tend to imitate adults - avoid taking medications in their presence. Avoid drinking medicine from the bottle.
  • Refer to medicines by their proper names. They are not candies.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet periodically. Get rid of old medicines by flushing them down the drain or toilet, rinsing the container in wafer, and then discarding it.
  • Ask for and use household products which are available in child resistant packaging. Insist on safety packaging for prescription medicines. Resecure safety feature carefully after using Safety packaging gives extra protection to your children.

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