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How to Properly Shave

Whether you like it or not, shaving is a necessary part of good grooming. Approximately 90% of men admit to preferring to be clean-shaven. It is estimated that it takes on average approximately three and a half minutes for a man to shave his face and that most men spend 10 to 15 hours annually shaving.

Methods of shaving

Shaving can be done by way of using a wet razor or else with an electric razor. More men prefer the former because it gives a closer shave. If you choose to shave manually with a wet razor always use something to lubricate your skin or to lather up with such as shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving foam or soap. Applying anyone of these products helps to prevent pain and soreness from razor burns afterwards. Shaving creams and related products also help to soften and lift the hairs for effortless removal. Disposable razors are a good option for a comfortable and close shave.

The shave once method for wet shaving

  • Wet the face first with warm or lukewarm water.
  • Apply a lubricant such as shaving cream or shaving gel to face.
  • Shave once and always in the direction of the grain (also referred to as the hair nap). To find out what the direction of your hair grain is rub your fingers over the skin on your face. One direction will automatically resist your touch more and this is the direction that is against the grain or nap.
  • Rinse your razor many times as you shave, as it will easily get clogged with shaving cream.
  • Once you have finished shaving rinse your face with a touch of cool water.
  • If you prefer apply aftershave to your face when you are all done.

The shave twice method for wet shaving

This method is only necessary for men who have tough beards as they may not get a close enough shave by doing it only once. The only thing you are going to want to do differently this time is to shave in the direction that goes against the hair nap (which is to say the opposite of what you did the first time you shaved). Men who choose to do this but do not have beards may find that it is too harsh on their skin because it causes ingrown hairs, soreness, redness and possibly cuts.

  • If you plan to shave twice, forego the cool rinse and application of aftershave and go right to the second shave.
  • Reapply shaving cream to face.
  • Shave face in the direction against the hair grain and make sure to carefully feel for where the hairs on the skin are rough and are visibly obvious standing on the skin’s surface.
  • Rinse face carefully once you are finished shaving and now you are free to rinse your face in cool water.
  • If you like to apply aftershave then do so now.

Despite all of your best efforts to protect your skin, if you do happen to nick your skin with the razor, use a styptic pencil applied directly to the cut.

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