As you begin your muscle building diet plan, one nutrient that you must be sure not to leave out of the picture are carbohydrates. Far too many women tend to shy away from carbohydrate rich foods because they’ve heard time and time again that these will quickly add additional unwanted body fat to your frame.

When building muscle, adding carbohydrates is precisely what you want to do.  Rather than cutting them out, you want to start increasing their content in your diet because they are one of the key nutrients needed for success.

Let’s have a look at why carbohydrates are essential.

Energy For Your Workouts

One of the first reasons why carbohydrates will be a must is because if you’re going to get through those hard workout sessions, you need to have the fuel available to do so.

Because of the fact that your body can actually only use glucose when performing weight lifting activities. This means that carbohydrates will provide the only source of fuel.

If you don’t eat carbohydrates before you go to do your weight lifting session, you’re not only going to find that fatigue sets in very rapidly but you’re also going to notice that your strength level is significantly impaired.

Provide The Spark For Muscle Development

Another important reason why consuming carbohydrates will be a must is because carbohydrates will provide the spark that’s necessary for muscle growth.

When you take in a carbohydrate rich food, the body releases a hormone called insulin, which then serves to promote muscle gains.  Many people think insulin is a bad thing and will only encourage fat gain, but when a strength training program is being performed, it will actually increase the chances of muscle growth and development.

The key is making sure not to eat far too many carbohydrates that a very large amount of insulin is released.  Some released insulin is okay but too much will not be a good thing.

Improve Muscule Repair

Finally, the third reason why having carbs in your diet is a must is because it’s going to improve the muscular repair you experience.

Immediately after a workout session your muscles will be depleted of their stored energy and the carbohydrates that you consume immediately after the workout that will replenish this.

By eating carbohydrates after your workout session you are setting your body up for the next workout session you do, ensuring that it will have plenty of energy to complete it.

There you have three key reasons why carbs on your muscle building diet will be a must. Make sure you don’t overlook this vital nutrient.

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