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Eating Light and Healthy While Dining Out

Eating light and healthy is a key component to better health. Below are some tools to help you eat light and healthy while you are dining out.

  1. Choose entrees carefully. Choose entrees that are steamed, poached, broiled, roasted, baked or cooked in their own juice.
  2. Cut fat off red meats and remove skin from chicken.
  3. Ask for steamed vegetables.
  4. Eat small portions. Don't super-size.
  5. Order salad dressings on the side. Choose red sauces over white and stay away from thick, rich sauces.
  6. Make a special request! If you can't find something on the menu that suits you, ask the waitress if something can be prepared that suits your needs. Most restaurants will be happy to do this!
  7. Carry healthy snacks in your car or have a stash in your desk at work so you won't be tempted to order a lot of food if you go out to eat.
  8. Drink water with your food instead of soda. Water is healthier and the more you drink, the faster you become full.
  9. Eat slowly. Eating slowly will allow time for your brain to realize that you stomach is full.
  10. Request low-fat milk for coffee or tea instead of non dairy creamers or whole cream
  11. Avoid possible high fat foods that may be labeled as: refined, a la mode, prime, creamed, au gratin, au lait

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