If you’re like many women, protein is the one thing that you struggle with during your diet the most.  While carbohydrates and fats are easily available, protein takes a lot more effort.

By learning the top sources of protein however, you can ensure that the protein that you do eat is of high quality and will help you reach your needs.  If you want to see better results from your weight lifting program, protein is one thing that you absolutely cannot go without.

Let’s take a quick look at the best sources of protein for women.

Chicken Breasts
The very first source of protein that’s most commonly used in most people’s diets is chicken breast meat.  This one is easy to cook up and can be prepared in a number of different ways, therefore it’s something that tends to please almost everyone.

Chicken is also very low in fat, so if you’re looking to stay lean as you go about the process of building muscle, that’s yet another reason to add it in there. If you can afford the added expense, we recommend eating organic, free range chicken.

Egg Whites
Second on our list of top protein sources are egg whites.  Since egg whites are entirely fat free, this is yet another good one for women who are watching their calorie intake.

Egg whites are also quite cheap to purchase, so if you happen to be on a budget with your muscle building diet plan, you’ll want to be including them in. We recommend organic eggs.

Moving on, the third source of protein that you’ll want to keep in your muscle building diet plan is salmon.  Salmon is rich in many nutrients and oils that the body needs and is a source of fish that provides less mercury than other options.

Since maintaining lower levels of mercury is important for overall good health, this will be a must that you have to be on the lookout for.

Low-Fat Dairy Products
Finally, the last source of protein that you should include in your diet is low-fat calcium products.  Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk, or regular lower fat, lower-sugar varieties of yogurt are all great additions to your meals and snacks.

Dairy is especially important for women because it’s going to help ensure that you maintain strong bones into the future so you can keep up with those intense weight lifting workouts. So there you have the top protein sources for women.  Have a look over your current diet and be sure that you aren’t missing out on any of these.