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Roundworm Infection

What is a Roundworm Infection?

Roundworm infections are diseases of the digestive tract that are caused by roundworms.

Roundworm infections are more common in warm climates than in cooler, temperate areas.

What are Roundworms?

Roundworms are a group of invertebrates with long, round bodies. They range in size from those plainly visible to the naked eye to those visible only under a microscope.

Roundworms are also called nematodes.

What are the Symptoms of a Roundworm Infection?

The causes and symptoms of roundworm infection vary according to the species. Some common symptoms of roundworm infection are:

  • abdominal pain
  • fever
  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • larvae in stool
  • vomiting

How is Roundworm Infection Transmitted?

Humans contract most types of roundworm infection from contaminated food or by touching the mouth with contaminated hands.

Most roundworms and their eggs are found in the soil. The roundworms and their eggs can be picked up on the hands and transferred to the mouth or can enter through the skin.

Can a Roundworm Infection be Treated?

Yes. Your doctor will prescribe medication that will destroy roundworms either by paralyzing them or by blocking them from feeding.

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