Back pain is a common complaint of pregnant women. Back pain can occur at any time during pregnancy. For many women, back pain interferes with daily activities and the ability to get a good night’s sleep.

What can cause lower back pain during pregnancy?

The most common causes or lower back pain during pregnancy are:

  • Extra weight
    • The weight that you gain while pregnant is necessary for the development of the baby but can wreak havoc on your back muscles
  • Change in center of gravity
    • As your uterus grows, your center of gravity shifts forward
  • As your center of gravity shifts forward, your posture and the way you move changes
  • The changes in your posture and they way you move often lead to backaches and back pain
  • Hormonal changes
    • During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin causes the ligaments between your pelvic bones to soften and your joints to loosen in preparation for your baby’s passage through your pelvis during birth.
  • As the structures that support your pelvic organs soften, you may feel considerable discomfort on either side of your lower back, often with walking, especially up and down stairs

Is lower back pain a symptom of early pregnancy?

Lower back pain is often a sign of early pregnancy. This is a common symptom of early pregnancy because the ligaments connected to the hips are loosening and causing discomfort. It is important to talk to your doctor because lower back pain can also be a symptom of dehydration or kidney issues.

Lower back pain relief?

Ask your doctor to evaluate your posture and recommend exercise that will help reduce your back pain.

Your doctor should be able to show you:

  • how to correct your posture while standing, walking and sitting
  • exercise techniques to strengthen your muscles and lessen the pain

If changes in posture and exercise don’t provide pain relief, consider acupuncture.