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Skin, Hair and Nail Changes

The body of a pregnant woman undergoes many changes. The changes are not limited to the woman’s abdomen and weight. The health of the skin, hair and nails can be dramatically affected by a pregnancy.


Some women they may develop acne during the first few weeks of their pregnancy. Development of acne is simply a sign that the woman’s hormones are undergoing change. When the woman’s body regulates these hormones, her skin will generally take on a healthier glow. However, pregnant women are encouraged to thoroughly cleanse their skin to help keep breakouts under control.

Some woman may find that they may get skin tags during pregnancy. The most common areas for skin tags to grow are in the arm pits and on the eyelids. Skin tags are not harmful if left alone and they can easily be removed by a physician.

Changes in skin color may occur during pregnancy. The most common place for the skin to change color is the breast. Nipples which were once pink may turn purple or brown.

Some women acquire “the mask of pregnancy.” This is when the forehead and cheeks take on a pink or red flush. Women are advised to stay out of the sun as it will only increase the redness. The flushed look will slowly subside after pregnancy.


Many pregnant women find their hair becomes thicker and grows faster during pregnancy. The drawback to this surge of hair growth is that hair is affected all over the body. Hair may sprout on the chin, neck, around the nipples, and in various other places. Pubic hair may thicken and start to rise higher up the abdomen and farther down the thighs. Pregnant women may find they have to shave more often.


Fingernails and toenails will also grow thicker and stronger during pregnancy. A woman who has always had thin nails and who does not experience a thickness or hardening in her nails during pregnancy is strongly encouraged to tell her doctors. This may be a sign that the expectant mother is not receiving enough protein.

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