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Stretch Marks and Stomach Line

Will I Get Stretch Marks When I’m Pregnant?

Nearly 90 percent of all women who are pregnant will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks may appear in numerous places on the body as the skin stretches to accommodate the pregnancy. The most common areas for stretch marks are the breasts, stomach, thighs, and hips.

Stretch Marks: Appearance and Control

Stretch marks are generally red or pink. They may appear to be slightly indented. Stretch marks may itch.

The only way to keep stretch marks under control is to keep weight gain under control. While women with low elasticity in their skin will acquire stretch marks with a minimal amount of weight gain–stretch marks are usually more pronounced in women who gain much weight during their pregnancy. Eating nutritiously and keeping weight gain gradual and moderate will help keep stretch marks from marring the skin extensively.

While there is no evidence that applying creams and lotions will keep stretch marks from making their appearance, these products can keep the skin hydrated and make it less prone to itch.

All stretch marks eventually fade to white or silver lines in time.

Will I Develop a Stomach Line When I Become Pregnant?

Skin discoloration will occur during pregnancy.

Skin discoloration is attributed to a change in hormones. While many women are familiar with darkening of the nipples and even the mask of pregnancy on the face, many women are not aware that they will most probably develop a stomach line.

This stomach line generally runs from the naval to the top of the pubic bone. Most individuals do have this line even before they become pregnant. It is generally lighter than an individual’s skin tone and not noticed.

Pregnancy causes the line to darken, and it is more noticeable in women of color. Nearly all women will notice a darkening in their stomach line.

When Should I Expect My Stomach Line to Appear?

The appearance of the stomach line appears on women at different stages of their pregnancy. The stomach line tends to darken as the abdomen becomes more extended.

The stomach line generally fades with time after birth.

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