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Earth Month Celebration

Mama's Monday Favorite

Pasadena, California -- May, 2009

Mama has always been a person to try new things but has a soft spot for brand loyalty. Mama decided to expand her love for nature and the environment and step out of her comfort zone and experience a new level of awareness with other household brands.

In doing so, Mama tested and used eco-friendly products, renewable items, bamboo fibers, whole foods, alternative energy drinks, organic meals, biodegradable products, and massages. To say the least, Mama has been opened up to a world of new choices and decisions.

Enjoy Mama's Monday Favorites!

Mama’s Monday Favorite is the sole opinion of Mama. No monetary compensation was received for the feature.

If you have a product that Mama might absolutely love, send Mama one of your products. If she likes it, she might list it as a Mama’s Monday Favorite.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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