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Simple tips on how to be a better Dad

Spend time with your children

Try to spend at least 15 minutes everyday having fun with your children on a one to one basis. Fun could be reading with them, helping them with one of their hobbies, or taking them out to the park or a nearby playground.

Respect your children

Sometimes we are so focused on making sure our children respect us that we forget to give them respect. Give your children respect by talking politely with them and listening to them. It is very important for us to respect to them if we want them to respect us. Listening to them when they are talking, not interrupting their conversations, and allowing them to make some of their own decisions are other ways of showing respect.


Talk to your children as much as possible. Talk about their day-to-day routines and tell them about yours. Be aware of your child's life, know their friends, the activities they do, their hobbies, and their interests.

Listen to your children

When children talk, what they are saying is very important to them. Even if the talk seems childish patter to you, it is very important to listen, to really listen to your children. Try not to jump in and give advice, just listen to them. Try and understand the feelings behind the words.

When listening to them, maintain eye contact and give them your undivided attention. Giving them your undivided attention will show them how important they are to you. It will help increase their self-esteem and also set the stage for more meaningful conversations, as your child grows older.

Respect your child's mother

One of the best things a father can do for his children is to respect their mother. If you are married, keep your marriage strong. Show your love and affection for your spouse. When you have a conflict, demonstrate how two people can make up. As your children grow older, their romantic relationships will probably mimic the relationship you have with their mother.

If you are divorced, it is still important to respect your children's mother. Try not to badmouth your ex-spouse in front of the children.

Eat together as a family

Mealtimes are often special times for bonding as a family. During meals, family members often share what is going on in their lives. It doesn't matter which meal it is. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eating together as a family also provides stability to busy days.

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