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How to call a woman and ask her out
by John A. Roberts

When a woman gives you her phone number, it generally means that she is interested in talking with you. However, calling the woman and talking to her can be very frightening. Guys often forget that she did give you her number, which means she's either physically attracted to you, she wants to know more about you, or she likes your personality. Here are a few tips that can help you out when you call her and ask her out on a date.

Continue where the conversation left off. Remember what you talked about when you first met her. Talk about things you said to her that made her smile and continue on that path.

Talk to her about dating. Since you want to ask her on a date, bring up the subject about dating. This will help you determine whether she is single or not.

Don't set high expectations. If you set your expectations high and get rejected, you'll feel like crap. But if you don't set your expectations at a high level, you'll be able to shake off any kind of rejection she throws your way.

Ask her what she likes to do for fun. By asking her what she likes to do for fun, you can get an idea of what to plan for a fun date. Plan a date that involves an activity that she likes to do. For instance, if she likes amusement parks or museums, take her to an amusement park or museum on your first date. You'll score cool points because she'll notice that you planned something that she likes to do.

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