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The most common reasons why guys ask for your phone number and then don't call

  1. Sometimes when guys go out with a group of male friends to a bar/lounge/club they will see how many phone numbers they can collect. They think of it as a game or challenge or may even do it as practice.
  2. Peer pressure
  3. He may think that you gave out your phone number too easily and gives it to any guy that asks her.
  4. It was a party and the lost or forgot it.
  5. He got another number they would like to try out first.
  6. He's not interested in dating but asking for phone numbers keeps him in practice for when he starts dating again.
  7. He is really shy.
  8. He thinks that you gave him your number only because you were being nice and that you aren't really interested in him.
  9. He might have intended to but circumstances prevented him from doing so and now it's too late.
  10. He was going to cheat on his girlfriend but decided not to.
  11. He got back together with his ex girlfriend.
  12. He wants to have the option of calling you if the need or desire arises. 

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